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Sona Images is a Western Australian based production company, committed to producing screen content that engages, entertains and enlightens audiences worldwide. The company is at the forefront of bold, creative storytelling with African Australian content employing a variety of modalities.

Whilst Africans are 1.6% of the Australian population, there is almost zero representation of African Australian stories in Australian film and the arts.

One of the main goals for Sona Images is to introduce beautiful African stories to the Australian screen. The idea is to bring variety to the public through sharing diverse stories which are a part of the melting pot of Australian culture.

Sona Images produce feature films, documentaries, short films, web-series and television commercials.

The first projects by Sona Images have been funded by Screenwest; The Family received development funding, and I’m Not a Nurse received Elevate Funding for production.

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